31 March 2017

Press release

Business keen to work with UK and EU27 governments as talks get underway

The CBI has responded to the publication of the draft EU guiding principles for negotiating the UK's exit from the EU following the triggering of Article 50.

Business keen to work with UK and EU27 governments as talks get underway

Josh Hardie, CBI Deputy Director-General, said:

“These are the first steps in a complex process that will be full of twists and turns. Business needs to see early progress to build confidence that we can secure a deal that will lead to prosperity for all.

“In this light, recognition of the need to give EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU certainty is welcome, but business wants to see this happen within weeks, not months.

“It is also encouraging to see proper consideration of UK-Irish relationship and the desire to minimise disruption for businesses. These are early signals that will hopefully put us on the right path towards a good deal – which is in everyone’s interests.

“However, discussions on new trading arrangements should go hand-in-hand with negotiating the UK’s exit from the EU. We want this to happen as soon as possible, which is why the next six months are crucial.

“From our conversations with our sister federations across Europe we know that businesses are united in their desire to see a comprehensive new economic partnership between the UK and the EU.

“That united voice should make European policy makers sit up and listen on the need for maintaining close economic ties and ensuring a smooth transition.”