25 July 2016

  |  CBI Updates Team


Business vision for a 2030 low-carbon economy

With the Fifth Carbon Budget having recently been legislated, it is crucial that businesses have their say in ensuring that we have a credible plan to meet it. See how you can get involved in the CBI’s project to set out the business vision for a low-carbon transition.

Business vision for a 2030 low-carbon economy

Since the initiation of the Climate Change Act in 2008, and through legally binding targets, we have already made significant progress in bringing down levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Having recently legislated for the Fifth Carbon Budget, the UK has put in place a demanding target to reduce emissions by 57% by 2032 – what it now needs is a clear plan for how we will achieve it. 

With the Committee on Climate Change recently releasing its progress report, we know the challenge ahead of us. UK emissions have fallen rapidly in the power sector, with a further reduction of around 75% needed by 2030. However progress has been slow in the heat and transport sectors, making the 16% and 40% reductions tough for both industries respectively. 

It is clear that achieving our long-term emissions reduction targets will require serious change, and it is crucial that the business voice is loud and clear, helping to shape pragmatic solutions to the challenge. As such, the CBI has initiated a project to set out the business vision for a 2030 low-carbon economy, and would like to engage a wide range of businesses in developing it. CBI members can get involved by: 

  • Attending roundtables focused on specific sectors and cross-cutting priorities for business 
  • Contributing thoughts and ideas through one-to-one meetings with the team
  •  Submitting case studies or articles outlining ways in which your business is leading the way in reducing emissions
  • Attend networking events at which you can meet with other businesses and stakeholders engaged in this debate

With the government due to produce an emissions reduction plan outlining how it intends to meet the Fifth Carbon Budget, business has an excellent opportunity to make a valuable contribution. 
For more information on how to get involved in the CBI’s project on a low-carbon 2030 vision, please contact Barnaby Wharton (Barnaby.wharton@cbi.org.uk) or Hannah Richmond (hannah.richmond@cbi.org.uk)