13 July 2017

  |  CBI North West


CBI calls for metro mayors to set up business advisory groups

More formal partnership between new mayors and local firms will unlock untapped potential for the North West

CBI calls for metro mayors to set up business advisory groups

On her return to the North West, the Director-General of the UK’s leading business organisation has urged the region’s two mayors to formalise their engagement with local businesses as outlined during the election campaign.

Speaking in Liverpool, CBI Director-General Carolyn Fairbairn, said:

“The election of metro mayors across the country offers a new opportunity to increase productivity and living standards. The foundation must be a strong working relationship with business to kick-start a new era of local co-operation.

“When local politicians and local business work together, it’s local people who benefit. Firms can help mayors unlock areas of untapped potential. The way to do this is to launch formal Business Advisory Groups here in the North West to tap into business expertise and find solutions to the North West’s biggest challenges.”

Damian Waters, CBI North West Director, said:

“Both our new mayors have a responsibility for growing the region’s economy at a critical time for both the North West and the UK as a whole.

“Having a formal working partnership with businesses of all sizes and sectors from across the area will help establish priorities for raising productivity, such as improvements in infrastructure and education.

“The CBI and local businesses are already working with our mayors on developing their economic vision for the region, and we look forward to continuing that to help unlock more jobs, investment and prosperity for the region as a whole.”