27 April 2017


CBI calls for the UK to become most open, innovative and inclusive economy by 2030

After consulting over 500 members, the CBI responds to the Government’s industrial strategy green paper and makes six key recommendations.  

CBI calls for the UK to become most open, innovative and inclusive economy by 2030

The CBI has responded to the Government’s industrial strategy consultation building on input from over 500 members representing a wide variety of sectors, size of business and from all regions of the UK. The CBI’s response calls for an industrial strategy that is practical and delivery-focused with clear targets such as closing the gap between the regions with the lowest and highest productivity levels by 15% by 2030.

The CBI makes six key recommendations:

  • Build a clear UK2030 vision: a uniting long-term sense of purpose

The industrial strategy needs a clear vision supported by tangible key performance indicators and a brand that galvanises all parts of the economy

  • Fix the foundations: skills, infrastructure, energy, a pro-enterprise tax environment

Government can help businesses of all sizes and sectors by improving skills policy, delivering infrastructure projects (small-scale and large-scale), establishing an affordable plan for emissions reductions and maintaining a stable tax framework

  • Put innovation at the heart of the strategy

Our competitive advantage depends on our ability to invest in R&D and develop and commercialise new ideas as well as our ability to adopt technology and better ways of working to become more productive at a firm level

  • Empower devolved nations, London and regions and hold them accountable

The industrial strategy must increase living standards for everyone living in the UK and enabling all regions to develop and champion their own economic strengths is the best way to deliver it

  • Keep sector strategies simple and effective

Support for sectors should be based on clear criteria to ensure collaboration is genuinely productive

  • Make it last: clear indicators and independent monitoring

To be successful the industrial strategy must be long term in its outlook, measure progress against clear key performance indicators and be independently monitored to help ensure that it survives changes of Government

The CBI has also called for the appointment of an independent commissioner to champion regional growth and devolution, urged the government to build a ‘UK2030’ brand and to establish an independent monitoring body to ensure a clearer vision for the future. Read the full response here.

For further information please contact emma.roberts@cbi.org.uk