22 September 2015

  |  CBI Press Team


CBI chief urges UK to champion low carbon world at Paris

The CBI's Director-General examines what a good climate deal at the UN Climate Summit in Paris in December will mean for business, Britain and the world.

CBI chief urges UK to champion low carbon world at Paris

Speaking alongside the former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore, and the Chief Executive of Christian Aid, Loretta Minghella at an event organised by the environmental think tank, Green Alliance, John Cridland argued that certainty and clarity of direction are critical to developing long-term business investment in a low-carbon future.

He also highlighted the need to keep up momentum on reaching a global solution by building on the UK's hard-won credibility as a climate leader.

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John Cridland, CBI Director-General, said:

“Business must be – and wants to be – part of the solution to tackling the global challenge of climate change.

“The green economy is an emerging market in its own right, brimming with opportunity, and the UK has built up real credibility on climate leadership and low carbon investment. Yet, with the roll-back of renewables policies and the mixed messages on energy efficiency, the government risks sending a worrying signal to businesses.

“We need all countries to pull in the same direction at the Paris Summit to give firms the certainty and confidence they need to invest in the green economy for the long run. Politicians and negotiators should be confident that business is behind them in securing a lasting climate deal."

In 2014, one year out from the Paris Summit, the CBI published A Climate for Growth. The report demonstrates the critical role that businesses have to play in tackling climate change, and the opportunity that the global green market in low-carbon goods and services, worth £3.4 trillion, affords companies to grow, invest and create jobs.