20 October 2015

  |  CBI Northern Ireland


CBI Northern Ireland Policy Roundup - October 2015

It’s been a busy month for responses and consultations in Northern Ireland. 

CBI Northern Ireland Policy Roundup - October 2015

Apprenticeship Levy Consultation

The levy will apply to large employers in Northern Ireland though the employee threshold and the levy rate will be set in the Comprehensive Spending Review on 25 November. Read the CBI's response to this national consultation (October 2015).

Longer term energy issues

We have initiated a series of roundtables to review longer term energy issues, with the first of these held at Cleaver Fulton Rankin in early September. The objective is to develop a short paper outlining what a longer term energy strategy for Northern Ireland needs to cover – we have already raised concerns with DETI that the review of the Strategic Energy Framework (up to 2020) is too short term in nature. Policy contact: nigel.smyth@cbi.org.uk

Improving transportation connectivity
CBI will give oral evidence on the opening day (10 November) of the Public Inquiry into the York Street Interchange, the busiest road junction in Northern Ireland catering for c100,000 vehicles per day. Separately good progress is being made with our joint project with Ibec on developing a comprehensive all-island motorway/dual-carriageway network. Contact: nigel.smyth@cbi.org.uk

Education reforms gaining momentum
A key CBI priority is to agree the purpose of education and the skills, attitudes and behaviours needed to develop rigorous, rounded and grounded young people that employers are seeking. Encouraging progress is now being achieved with the Education Minister now pushing ahead on a number of fronts – CBI is inputting to both the Strategic Planning and Policy Development Forum and ‘Dashboard of Measures’ Focus Group. Policy contact: nigel.smyth@cbi.org.uk

Evidence submitted this month:

  • Review of Industrial Tribunals: The 12 week public consultation on proposed new rules and procedures for industrial tribunals and the Fair Employment Tribunal has closed. Click here to see our response
  • Review of Further Education: We have given strong support for the new draft strategy for the FE sector – access our response here
  • The Higher Education Big Conversation: Evidence and recommendations have been submitted to this initiative led by the Minister of the Dept of Employment and Learning.


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