1 March 2018


CBI responds to the Prime Minister's review into post-18 education

With the government announcing a review into tertiary education, the CBI calls for the provision of higher technical education, as well as part-time and disadvantaged students, to be prioritised.

CBI responds to the Prime Minister's review into post-18 education

On Monday 19 February, the Prime Minister, Theresa May MP, used a speech in Derby to announce her much anticipated review into post-18 education.

Looking at the whole of the post-18 education system together, the Prime Minister stated that she wanted to tackle the UK’s "outdated attitude" which prizes academic qualifications over technical skills. The CBI welcomed such comments as businesses have long argued the need for a vocational route of equivalent strength and value to that of higher education.

Read the CBI’s response to the government's launch of the post-18 education and funding review

The CBI is clear that the current funding arrangement for higher education is broadly effective and should be preserved. Despite Theresa May criticising tuition fees as overly expensive, the income-contingent loan system means that students only pay back once they can afford to do so and effectively balances the cost of higher education between graduates – as the primary beneficiaries of a university degree – and taxpayers.

Rather than changing the fees or funding system, the CBI is urging the government to use the review as an opportunity to focus on those areas where reforms are most urgently needed, such as the drop in part-time study, maintenance support for the most disadvantaged students and improving the provision of higher technical education.

The CBI will be actively engaging throughout the review and we have a series of regional roundtables organised for our higher education members over the coming months.

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