14 July 2016


CBI Scotland invited to First Minister and Scotland Secretary Brexit roundtables

CBI Scotland set out immediate priorities for Scottish businesses during key meetings following the EU referendum.

In a meeting with business representatives from across Scotland last week, David Mundell, Scotland Secretary, provided an overview of the UK and Scottish governments’ discussions on Brexit to date. Mundell indicated that both governments will work closely together and openly for additional benefits for Scotland. The discussion then focused on opportunities and critical areas in different sectors and cross-cutting issues such as UK-wide infrastructure priorities.

Later, Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister, hosted a small roundtable with business organisations including CBI Scotland. Similarly, the discussion focused on early business impact and what mattered most for business in relation to the outcome of the upcoming Brexit negotiations. CBI Scotland Chair Alison McGregor raised the need for access to the EU Single Market, trade deals and skills.

The First Minster indicated her desire for EU nationals to continue living and working in Scotland, which the CBI welcomed. The CBI has also called for collaboration and leadership in a joint statement with the other Scottish business organisations. It stressed that the Scottish Government should be closely involved in the UK government negotiations with the EU to help get the best deal for Scottish companies. Alongside this, action to progress long-planned infrastructure projects and national priorities like education should also go ahead as planned. This will help to reassure investors and businesses by signalling confidence in the economy.

For more information, please contact mari.tunby@cbi.org.uk