8 June 2015

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CBI & TUC Chiefs to debate living standards: in The Great Business Debate


Highlights of the last, and next, seven days in the CBI’s trust-in-business campaign The Great Business Debate in which the CBI’s Director General and TUC’s General Secretary debate living standards, live at our panel event (Fri 12.6.15).

CBI & TUC Chiefs to debate living standards: in The Great Business Debate


 Workers are wealth creators too – TUC General Secretary


Too many low skill, low pay jobs – Resolution Foundation


Top coat time – The Friday finish & productivity – HMG Paints

This week look out for:-

Workers are wealth creators too – give them a fairer deal

The CBI believes trust-in-business will be undermined if business doesn’t play its part in raising living standards. But what is its part?

On Friday (12.6.15) CBI Director-General, John Cridland will be joined by a panel including Frances O’Grady, TUC General Secretary, to debate how best to raise living standards.

Ahead of the event, Frances O’Grady writes for The Great Business Debate:

“Workers are wealth creators too and fair treatment is essential to protecting that investment. The better that people are treated – with fair pay, job security, a voice in how the company is run, good management, training opportunities, benefits like childcare support and a decent pension – the more productive they will be.”

Read her article in full here from Wednesday (10.6.15)

Too many jobs are low-skilled & low-paid

Also taking part in the event are Estelle Brachlianoff, Senior Executive Vice-President UK & Ireland, at Veolia and the Resolution Foundation’s Deputy Chief Executive & Chief Economist, Matt Whitaker

Previously on The Great Business Debate, Estelle Brachlianoff asked: is a company leaving future generations compromised or better equipped to meet future challenges?

And, think-tank, The Resolution Foundation wrote: “Creating an economy where more people can earn their way to a better standard of living is essential for a sustainable recovery. Enabling more of the low paid to earn their way up requires business to do more to address ……barriers to progression.”

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Get your coat! – hometime and paint making productivity

Stephen Falder, Marketing Director of HMG Paints, explains his company’s approach to pay and retaining good employees which includes:

“Fairness, sometimes in a family business pay or grade can be determined by surname. That does not happen in our business. You are paid according to your contribution and ability…no exceptions.

“And going home! We all finish and go home at 5.00pm (4.00pm on Friday). ……….….. People do not fear ‘endless’ days and I believe it increases productivity overall as each day has a clear beginning and end.”

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