6 November 2017


#CBI2017 Blog: Attracting and inspiring future generations

How can we equip our students for the future world of work? Insights from our fringe event at #CBI2017 Annual Conference

#CBI2017 Blog: Attracting and inspiring future generations

Developing our education and skills base is one of the most effective strategies for growth the UK can have and understanding how we can better equip students for the future world of work was a major theme of this opening seminar at CBI’s Annual Conference.

Hosted by the CBI’s Neil Carberry, the panel represented insight and experience from a range of different personnel with a key theme being the intersection between people and technology. With debate often focussing on the role of artificial intelligence and robotics in replacing jobs, the message from the panel was resoundingly positive about the opportunities that lie ahead.

Barclays’ Kirstie Mackey argued that in order to do this successfully, we need to think long-term and teach students the importance of life-long learning. To do this well, early engagement is essential.

Lola Olaore – one of Barclays LifeSkills Ambassadors – stressed that, rather than just engaging at 6th form, businesses and schools need to be talking to students from a much earlier age.

This was a message built on by Natalie Cramp from The Careers & Enterprise Company who urged businesses not just to engage at an early age but also build partnerships with a range of schools, not just those on their doorstep.

This is important given that advancements in technology mean that students will need to work out how they can add value to the workplace of the future – something Hays’ Mark Staniland highlighted – and so ensuring all students are aware of how the work force is changing is essential.

The overall message from those in the room was clear: business-education partnerships will be vital in helping students navigate their careers and, in working together, we can ensure that everyone is in the best possible position to seize future opportunities.