14 September 2016

  |  CBI Updates Team


City of London Police Commissioner addresses #CBICyber

Cyber hackers are not always "incredibly bright boffins" says Ian Dyson

City of London Police Commissioner addresses #CBICyber

Police commissioner: Cyber-crime affects all business

Cyber hackers are not always “incredibly bright boffins”- some exploit very simple systems to break into businesses online, City of London Police Ian Dyson has warned.

He said this could be as simple as an email, allegedly from the chief executive to the finance department saying: “Please transfer money into this account.” Many firms do not have the systems to check if it’s the right person making the request, he said.

Mr Dyson told business leaders at the CBI’s Cyber Security Conference that the threat of cyber-attack is affecting a whole range of firms, with the complexity of crimes growing.

The City of London Police is the national lead police force for fraud and information security, but Mr Dyson admitted that unlike drugs networks, the criminal networks linked to cyber-attacks are far more complicated.

“There’s a growing uncertainty, mainly among small businesses and the individual about what to do,” he said, adding that if a house is broken into, there’s usually a simple explanation why – “that you’ve left your door or window open”.

Mr Dyson says crime as a whole “is shifting online and we’re developing skills in the workforce to deal with this threat”.

But the expertise to deal with higher end cyber-crime is something the public sector cannot afford, which is why 30 to 35 experts from industry have been seconded to the City of London Police to help the force, he said.