19 March 2018

  |  CBI Press Team


Collaborate to innovate

Developing UK access to Framework Programme 9

Collaborate to innovate

The UK’s business community has benefited greatly from working with their EU counterparts on science and innovation projects. EU businesses and universities see the UK as an integral part of their own innovation ecosystems and are keen this continues.

But the UK’s vote to leave the EU has thrown into doubt the UK’s future role and relationship with the EU’s innovation base. CBI members tell us this uncertainty is affecting innovation investment decisions. The Government has taken good steps so far, but needs to go further, securing the strong links that will drive investment and collaboration. This will reassure businesses and show the UK maintaining a leading role in the global science and innovation community. The alternative to deep UK participation would be huge, unnecessary investment. The UK would need to duplicate EU assets while the EU duplicates UK assets.

The CBI's latest briefing paper sets out its case for an enhanced associate status.