29 January 2015

  |  CBI Updates Team


Effective policy, efficient homes

A new CBI paper outlines how being more energy efficient can help save consumers money and boost the economy

Effective policy, efficient homes

As the debate around energy prices heats up in the months before the election, a new CBI paper, Effective Policy, Efficient Homes, sets out the role energy efficiency can play in helping consumers to save money, while growing the energy efficiency industry and boosting the economy as a whole. 

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The paper states that there is a clear role for government in refreshing the UK’s approach to retrofitting our homes, overcoming the challenges of policies past and present. While some progress has been made, overly complex and frequently changing policies have affected confidence among both industry and the public. 

With the energy efficiency challenge stretching far beyond parliamentary cycles, the paper argues that a new government must act swiftly to designate energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority, building consensus around a long-term, coherent approach, which inspires confidence, delivers results and reaps the multiple benefits of energy efficient homes.

The report also outlines a three pronged approach to achieving this. First, this approach should drive consumer awareness and demand, communicating in an engaging way, underpinned by incentives and smart regulation. Secondly, a new government should work with industry and consumers to establish an energy efficiency programme that delivers for fuel-poor and low-income households. Finally, a range of finance options should be explored and encouraged, in order to facilitate the installation of energy efficiency measures by those who are able to pay.

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