21 January 2015

  |  CBI Press Team


Effective Policy, Efficient Homes

A new CBI paper, Effective Policy, Efficient Homes, sets out how energy efficiency can play a key role in tackling the UK’s wider energy challenges.

Effective Policy, Efficient Homes

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Improving the energy efficiency of our homes can provide a triple win by helping consumers to save money, growing the energy efficiency industry and boosting the economy as a whole.

While some progress has been made, complex and frequently changing policies have affected confidence among both industry and the public.

With the energy challenge stretching far beyond parliamentary cycles, a new government must act swiftly to make energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority, building consensus around a long-term, coherent approach which delivers results and maximises the opportunities on offer.

This approach should drive consumer awareness and demand, establish a successor to the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) that delivers for fuel-poor and low-income households, and encourage a range of finance options to facilitate demand for those who are able to pay for energy efficiency measures.