6 April 2017

  |  CBI Wales


Firms urged to discuss training needs with local providers as Apprenticeship Levy introduced in Wales

Companies in Wales that are unsure of the training implications of the Apprenticeship Levy are urged to contact their local training provider or log on to the Welsh Government’s skills gateway.

Firms urged to discuss training needs with local providers as Apprenticeship Levy introduced in Wales

The levy applies to all employers in the United Kingdom, though will only be triggered for those with an annual pay bill of more than £3 million. How the levy money is spent in Wales is the responsibility of the Welsh Government.

Following months of close collaboration with the CBI, the Welsh Government has set aside more funding for work-based training than the revenue they will receive from the apprenticeship levy. The process in Wales is clear – a training provider will assess a firms’ skills needs and training will be provided to meet those needs, according to certain government criteria- such as business sector and type of training.  The CBI will continue to work to ensure that all firms can access quality training. Unlike in England, the training companies can receive is not capped at their levy contribution and the training they receive is not limited to apprenticeships.

Ian Price, CBI Wales Director, said:

“Businesses in Wales are committed to investing in skills.  The Welsh Government, in collaboration with training providers, have worked hard to put in place a system that responds to the UK Government’s decision to implement a levy.

“The CBI expects the Welsh Government’s system to be responsive to business needs, but only time will tell if the system will meet this aim in full. In the short term, retailers are particularly likely to struggle with the Welsh Government’s approach as plans for foundational economy training are still being implemented.

 “Companies in Wales with employees that live in England are also likely to face additional administrative burdens, as it requires both the UK and Welsh Governments to agree a common way forward. We therefore encourage both Governments to work together to solve these problems as quickly as possible.

“The CBI will be closely monitoring how firms find this new levy system and will continue in our close working with the Welsh Government to ensure the skills needs of all Welsh companies are met.”