14 September 2016

  |  CBI Updates Team


Go to the professionals to prevent cyber attacks' business leaders warned

Our panel, including City of London Police Commissioner, Ian Dyson, discuss the evolving threat landscape

Go to the professionals to prevent cyber attacks' business leaders warned

Business leaders were urged not to try to sort out their firm’s cyber security – but to go to a cyber expert to prevent an attack.

Martin Lee, Cisco Talos’ threat intelligence technical lead, argued that heads of companies would not write their own legal contracts or draw up their own accounts – they would go to a professional.

“I think exactly the same applies to cyber security,” he told a 150-strong audience at the CBI’s Cyber Security Conference in London.

“You don’t have to do it yourself – there are enough people out there who can look at your systems.”

Mr Lee said a little bit of advice from an expert can “raise the barriers to entry”, making it “more difficult for the low level criminal to get started”.

Andrew Rogoyski, vice president of cyber security at CGI UK, stressed that a firm’s response to a cyber-attack, and knowing what the organization would do, is as important as prevention.

He asked the audience to think about who they would call if they suffered a cyber breach - such as a cyber forensic expert, or media crisis management, to help them recover the situation and continue the fortunes of their business.

Ian Dyson, City of London Police Commissioner, said last year his force took down about 150,000 websites, phone lines or bank accounts related to fraud or cyber hacking, and currently 700 cases are under investigation.