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Infrastructure Survey 2015

With 94% of businesses reporting quality of infrastructure as a decisive factor when planning future investment, infrastructure remains central to the growth challenge in the current parliament.

The focus on infrastructure in the last parliament means twice the amount of firms (43%) see UK infrastructure as improving compared to those that see it as deteriorating (23%).

Yet despite ambitious plans for the current parliament, the majority of firms (53%) are not confident of seeing tangible improvement in the coming five years.

With 62% of firms unhappy with the pace of progress, ‘turning momentum into delivery’ must be the hallmark of this parliament, despite fiscal pressures.

  1. Energy

    With security of supply a crucial factor for three-quarters of firms, 97% look to government to support a diverse mix of new generation

  2. Rail

    9 out of 10 businesses are concerned that trains are full, and while critical, 92% want a clearer indication of how HS2 sits within the longer term plan for UK rail

  3. Roads

    With 96% of firms concerned about congestion on the road network, almost three-quarters are open to road charging as a way of boosting investment.

  4. Aviation

    Aviation: Half of all firms are unhappy with the UK’s air links to emerging markets and 41% say failure to build new runway capacity is already impacting on their business.

  5. Digital

    As businesses rapidly digitise operations, 59% of firms are not satisfied with the quality of their digital connections – with reliability the most important factor.

  6. Planning

    With 85% of infrastructure firms seeing red tape in the planning system as a significant barrier, 7 out of 10 are prepared to consider higher fees for quicker decisions.

  7. Skills

    86% of construction firms say with clearer sight of upcoming projects, they will take the lead in boosting the UK’s skills, to avoid rising costs to infrastructure delivery.

  8. Finance

    78% of investors see risk of policy change as a significant barrier to private investment, so boosting political certainty is critical to delivery of the £411bn needed.

  9. Devolution

    61% of businesses see devolution as an opportunity to improve infrastructure, and three-quarters of infrastructure firms view local business leadership as playing a crucial role. 

  10. Taking decisions

    98% of infrastructure providers want an evidence-based approach to infrastructure, using an assessment of the UK’s future needs to build support for key upgrades.




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