12 April 2017


Mapping the European perspective on Brexit

The CBI has mapped engagement with European governments and business organisations to explain the differing priorities on Brexit from the 27 EU member states

Mapping the European perspective on Brexit

In order to better understand the different perspectives of the 27 remaining members of the European Union on Brexit, the CBI has been increasing its engagement with stakeholders in these countries – visiting policymakers and our sister business federations across Europe.

From this, the CBI has put together a country-by-country interactive map that details the different views across Europe, covering each country’s political and economic priorities and the most recent CBI engagement.

View the interactive map here

After the European Council received the Article 50 notification letter from the Prime Minister it swiftly laid out draft negotiating guidelines for Brexit, which the 27 remaining members of the European Union will discuss  together at a summit on 29 April. The CBI is pushing for three early wins in the negotiations:

  1. Immediate action on the desire to guarantee the right to remain for EU citizens and UK nationals in Europe. All governments on both sides agree this is desirable and the CBI will continue to make the case that certainty should be offered to these people in a matter of weeks, not months
  2. Progress on the details of the implementation period to rule out cliff-edges for firms on both sides of the Channel
  3. Discussions about new trading arrangements should take place at the same time as negotiating the UK's exit from the EU. Waiting for the ‘divorce’ to be agreed first will push trade negotiations into the long grass and it makes practical sense as it will be hard to decouple the UK from the EU without knowing the shape of the future relationship

For any further information about the EU negotiations, please visit the Brexit hub on our website or contact EUNegotiations@cbi.org.uk to talk to one of the team.