13 October 2016

  |  CBI Press Team


Our comments on First Minister of Scotland's speech

Read our response to Nicola Sturgeon's speechat the Scottish National Party Conference.

Our comments on First Minister of Scotland's speech

Hugh Aitken CBE, CBI Scotland Director, said:

“The Scottish and UK Governments need to work together to ensure the best deal possible in the EU negotiations. With a rapid timetable pointing to an exit from the EU in spring 2019, businesses need greater clarity on the fundamental issues of skills and barrier-free access to EU markets as soon as possible.

“To ensure the implications of the vote to leave the EU are understood and represented in the negotiations, devolved nation Governments should be able to nominate senior civil servants to work in the Department for Exiting the European Union and provide a liaison point for those business with operations in the devolved nations.

“We welcome the First Minister’s acknowledgement of the importance of access to the single market and will look forward to seeing more detail on expanding access to childcare and increasing educational attainment. These are fundamental to the Scottish economy’s long-term outlook and business will be pleased to see that recognised.

“Meanwhile, the Scottish Government should focus on providing businesses and investors with certainty over tax, skills and infrastructure to increase productivity and ensure Scotland remains a competitive place to do business.

“A second Scottish Independence referendum is rightly a matter for the Scottish people and their elected representatives.”