12 April 2017

  |  CBI Press Team


Our comments on the Lower Thames Crossing

The CBI commented on the Secretary of State for Transport’s announcement of a new Lower Thames Crossing. 

Our comments on the Lower Thames Crossing

The preferred route for a new Lower Thames Crossing will create a new link between the A2 and the M25 and reduce the burden on the busy Dartford Crossing.

Eddie Curzon, CBI London Director, said:

“With official projections showing that the volume of vehicle traffic is set to increase by 34% on current levels by 2041, the construction of a Lower Thames Crossing is an essential long-term solution to reducing congestion at the existing Dartford Crossing.

“A new crossing will boost capacity on the Strategic Road Network, enabling a greater flow of passenger and freight traffic from A to B, thereby unlocking economic growth across the UK.

“With our recent CBI/CBRE London Business Survey showing 84% of firms believe new river crossings to the east of the capital will benefit London’s growth enormously, the Lower Thames Crossing will be a critical artery for the UK’s trade links with key international gateways. Post-Brexit, this is all the more important, underlining the need for expediency in the delivery of this important national infrastructure upgrade.”