15 March 2017

  |  CBI Press Team


Our response to the latest labour market statistics

Labour market statistics for November 2016 to January 2017 showed a 92,000 rise in employment and 31,000 fall in unemployment.

Our response to the latest labour market statistics

Each month, the CBI responds to the ONS labour market statistics - estimates of employment, unemployment, economic inactivity and other employment-related statistics for the UK. Here is our expert's comment's on March's figures.

Rachel Smith, CBI Principal Labour Market Economist, said:

“Real pay growth is now at the slowest rate for two years, underlining the importance of increasing productivity, which remains the only sustainable route to higher wages, and therefore living standards.

“We need to unlock the productive potential of all UK nations and regions by pursuing a meaningful, regionally-focussed industrial strategy, with clear priorities and targets, that delivers opportunity and prosperity for all.”