21 November 2016

Event, Speech

Prime Minister Theresa May speaks at the #CBI2016 Annual Conference

Prime Minister Theresa May MP, lays out her vision for UK business at the #CBI2016 Annual Conference.

Prime Minister Theresa May speaks at the #CBI2016 Annual Conference

Five key takeaways from the PM’s speech at Annual Conference

“A once in a generation chance to shape a new future”

The PM started her conference speech by setting out the challenge ahead, and said that she recognises that the government has a role to play in shaping the economy: ensuring that we build on our strengths, and helping overcome long-standing challenges. She said it is about making the most of the historic opportunity we now have to signal an important, determined change.

“It is about government stepping up, not stepping back”

The PM announced a new active role that backs British business and should make Britain the global go-to place for scientists, innovators and tech investors. This included commitments to invest an extra £2bn a year in R&D by 2020; set up an Industrial Strategy Challenge fund to back scientific R&D; and review the tax regime to encourage and support innovation.

“We need to make the UK outside the EU the most attractive place to invest”

The PM said she was ambitious for Britain and, while leaving the EU will create uncertainty, she said that there are opportunities too – opportunities to get out into the world and use the freedoms that come from working with partners directly. She set out the opportunity to become the true global champion of free trade.

“We believe in free markets… capitalism… and business”

The PM said that business growth is the basis for UK prosperity but highlighted that this requires business and government to work together in partnership. The PM wants to ensure capitalism, free markets and free trade that work for everyone.

“Let us build a stronger, fairer Britain together”

The PM said she will always be an advocate of British business but businesses and government must do everything we can to keep faith with markets. We must embrace reform and work together to deliver prosperity around the UK. She said “together we can meet this great national moment with a great national effort to seize the opportunities ahead”.