12 March 2015

  |  CBI Updates Team


Providing MSBs with finance to grow

To boost the availability of long-term growth capital, a new CBI report, Financing our Future Economy, calls on the next government to promote a market for privately placed debt, which the Breedon Review estimates could unlock up to £15 billion to fund medium sized business development.  

Providing MSBs with finance to grow

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With the UK economy now on a firmer footing following its recovery from the financial crisis, the report provides an action plan for government to unleash the potential of our medium-sized businesses, dramatically improve the UK’s exports performance and increase levels of investment in infrastructure.

After the financial crisis, the UK has rebalanced away from traditional bank debt because of balance sheet restructuring and regulatory change. Despite the encouraging increase in short-term alternative finance, the lack of long-term growth capital, and difficulties in accessing trade finance, are impacting on medium-sized businesses’ ability to grow. In addition, the shortage of capital investment in infrastructure is holding back growth in the wider economy.

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