9 May 2018

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SME Network: How can we increase the number of businesses exporting?

On Thursday 3rd May we held our first SME Network event in London. This series of events aims to provide small and medium sized businesses with practical help and advice that they can take away and use in their own organisations.

SME Network: How can we increase the number of businesses exporting?

This first session focused on ‘exporting & trade’ and was held in conjunction with the CBI’s International policy team. The team are currently gathering intelligence for a report they are putting together which will make practical recommendations for how both businesses and the Government can help increase UK exports.

During the event the attendees discussed the challenges they have faced when looking to start exporting, and also explored how some of these issues may be resolved. Some of the main barriers around exporting that were highlighted included:

  • The need for clear, practical and easily accessible advice for organisations looking to start exporting for the first time
  • Uncertainty and the notion that exporting is a risk, which many do not want to take on
  • The need to understand the culture, language and laws of the area you wish to operate in

The attendees then went on to discuss how we could help increase the number of organisations exporting. The content of this discussion was collected by the CBI’s International policy team and will be used when they pull together their report on exporting in June.

Find out what else the team are working on. You can also contact the team directly by emailing Will McGarrigle, our Senior International Policy Advisor to find out more or share your own thoughts and experiences.

We would like to thank ABP London for kindly sponsoring and hosting this event. ABP is creating a new office complex over at the Royal Albert Dock next to City Airport, which is set to become the 3rd business district of London. Find out more about their work.