11 August 2016


Sterling Assets report – UK is biggest single investor in USA

The UK remains the largest single investor in the United States of America, supporting over one million jobs across the country, according to the CBI’s annual Sterling Assets report.

Sterling Assets report – UK is biggest single investor in USA

Examining the impact of British business on the American economy, the report finds that as of the end of 2014, the UK had invested $449 billion in the US - $76 billion more than the next largest investor, Japan, and nearly $200 billion more than America’s neighbour, Canada. This represents a weighty 15% share of the $2.9 trillion of foreign direct investment in America. Indian and Chinese investment was much smaller – combined, it did not even approach 1% of FDI into the US.

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British companies supported over one million jobs (1,029,700) across America, nearly a quarter of which (250,800) were in manufacturing. The UK also remains the largest foreign investor in the US manufacturing sector, investing $180 billion in 2014.

American exports to the UK came to $123 billion in 2015 – up $5 billion on 2014 – making Britain the fourth largest destination for US exports for a second year running, and the largest within the European Union by a substantial margin.

Trade in services between the two countries hit highs in 2015. American services exports to the UK rose to $66.9 billion (from $63.2 billion in 2014), whilst US imports of British services climbed to $53 billion (rising from $50 billion in 2014).

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