10 September 2015

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Sturgeon addresses CBI dinner

Over 500 business leaders attended CBI Scotland’s annual dinner, with keynote speeches from first minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon and CBI president Paul Drechsler.

Sturgeon addresses CBI dinner

First minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon and CBI president Paul Drechsler were the keynote speakers at CBI Scotland’s annual dinner, which saw over 500 business leaders come together in Glasgow.

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In her speech, Ms Sturgeon said that partnerships between government, industry, unions and public sector bodies, were vital to encouraging Scotland’s economic growth. She highlighted the four pillars of the Scottish government’s economic strategy - investment in people and infrastructure, innovation, internationalisation and inclusive growth.

Ms Sturgeon also spoke of the benefits of EU membership to the Scottish economy, saying that 330,000 jobs jobs dependent on access to European markets.

In his remarks, Mr Drechsler also spoke of the benefits of the EU to Scottish businesses, with 45% of Scottish exports going to the continent, with a value of nearly £12 billion. He also highlighted small and medium sized businesses as the drivers for economic innovation.

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