4 January 2018


The UK must retain influence over world-leading European bodies after Brexit

CBI identifies which European agencies and forums the UK must stay close to in order to retain influence over vital rules and regulations for business.

The UK must retain influence over world-leading European bodies after Brexit

With Brexit talks set to move onto phase two of negotiations in early 2018, one of the most complex issues to resolve is the UK’s future relationship with EU rules and regulations. In a new report - The room where it happens - the CBI has analysed the roles and responsibilities of 39 European agencies and industry forums and made recommendations on the UK’s involvement in these based on extensive consultation with CBI members.

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Some European bodies are world-leading and set industry policy standards globally. In areas like chemicals, product standards and aviation, UK businesses will continue to have to apply EU rules to trade - no matter what deal is struck – and in some areas, like medicines, aviation and data, the EU has established unique systems that lead the world. In these areas, the CBI recommends it’s in the UK’s interests to remain a part of the EU’s rules and the bodies that set them – to maintain control over the rules that affect UK firms, leading the rest of the world and keeping prices down for consumers and businesses on both sides.

However, there are a number of European bodies which the UK could leave and regain sovereignty over regulation. Where it is sensible and practical to do so, the UK government should repatriate some rules and that will mean more responsibility for some UK authorities - these extra responsibilities must be matched by extra resource.

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Negotiators face a complex task in untangling 40 years of economic integration but failure to do so would mean businesses in the UK and Europe will be faced with new costs, delays and paperwork that would hamstring their operations and impact consumers.

As the CBI looks to the second phase of negotiations where the future economic relationship will be addressed, regulation will be one of the most technical and politically challenging conversations to have. The CBI is looking for input from members across sectors to help shape the CBI’s approach. Please email Russell.Antram@cbi.org.uk for more details.

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