14 December 2017

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Tottenham Hotspur - Football at the heart of a regenerated Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club outline the benefits of their forthcoming new stadium. The new stadium promises to be a catalyst intended to transform the "socio-economic landscape of the local area." 

Tottenham Hotspur - Football at the heart of a regenerated Tottenham

In August 2018, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club will open the doors to the world’s most advanced football stadium. The 61,559-seater stadium will rival the greatest sport and entertainment venues across the globe. But beyond the football, NFL and concerts that take place on the pitch, off it, the stadium is at the heart of a regeneration project that will change the socio-economic landscape of the local area.

The stadium, visitor attractions, homes and other uses planned for the site will support a total of 2,500 jobs in the locality – a net 1,700 directly employed at the site, with a further 800 supported through supply chain and other direct spending. In addition, the increased number of supporters and visitors to Tottenham will supply 980 jobs locally. With £293 million set to be pumped into the local economy each year, the stadium will have an enormous impact on an area in real need of new jobs and more economic activity.

At the heart of the stadium will be the South Plaza, an area that will house an Extreme Sports Hub, two museums (one dedicated to the heritage of the local area and the other an interactive Club museum), and a Sky Walk, a unique attraction allowing people to climb the exterior of the stadium to a height of 40 meters, showcasing panoramic views over of London. With the stadium open 365 days a year, residents can enjoy the range of activities on their doorstep throughout the year.

The New Stadium will be London’s best sports and entertainment venue in every aspect. From general admission to the premium offering – it will be a stadium for everyone and deliver the best possible fan experience.

On Four – the premium suites and lounges located on Level four of the stadium, will see an unprecedented line-up of internationally acclaimed chefs prepare the fine-dining offering on matchdays. The illustrious Roux family will be joined by Chris Galvin, Bryn Williams and Dipna Anand, in hosting different matchdays next season and ensuring guests sample some of the finest food available in London, enjoyed from some of the best seats in the house.

The Club’s New Stadium will change not only the sporting landscape in the capital, but also the economic future of North London. Roll on August 2018.

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