Is your business prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

This full-day workshop will be facilitated by CBI's executive development team alongside an expert panel, including Joanne Bone, Partner - Commercial & GDPR Expert at Irwin Mitchell and International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) member, Mark Thompson, Privacy Practice Leader at KPMG LLP.

The workshops, also available in Glasgow and Birmingham, are tailored to provide delegates with a set of practical tools to develop and test your GDPR project plans, gain expert advice on key issues and construct a list of actions to share with colleagues in your organisation.

Key issues for discussion:

  • Consent – how new standards will affect the collection and processing of personal data
  • Privacy impact assessments – understand the purpose, practical application and how to conduct a privacy impact assessment in your organisation
  • Data subjects rights – assess how new rights to portability and the right to be forgotten affect operations within your business
  • Data Protection Officer – examine the remit, purpose and how to avoid conflicts of interest of the role
  • Scope of GDPR – understand how the increased territorial scope of the GDPR impacts on your operations

Practical sessions include:

  • Mapping data within your organisation
  • Examining privacy impact assessments and how to document processing activities to demonstrate compliance
  • Assessing and preparing for how contracts will change with vendors
  • Developing an accountability framework to manage risk and resources
  • Step by step walkthrough of the data breach notification process

What is the workshop outcome?

  • Comprehensive overview of the requirements of GDPR
  • Practical action plan for your business to excel under the requirements of the GDPR that has received expert legal and technical advice
  • Development of a strategic handbook that contains actions for key stakeholders to ensure your entire business is ready for May 2018

Who should attend?

This full day workshop is aimed at representatives who have responsibility for managing data protection in their organisation. Please forward on as appropriate to relevant colleagues.

Strategic partner:

Irwin Mitchell


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