Facts about the CBI

Business voices
Founded over 50 years ago
Regional and subject based policy standing committees and councils
Economic and policy specialists, the largest policy unit outside of Whitehall

  • Where we operate

    To ensure the voice of business is heard across all the UK regions, nations and around the world, we have offices in 13 distinct geographical areas of the UK and offices in five distinct areas of the world.

  • Our people

    The CBI colleagues come from all walks of life, and bring a wide range of experiences to support our members to grow. Learn more about the people taking your voice to government.

  • Our history

    Our history

    The CBI is a not-for-profit membership organisation, founded by Royal Charter on 30 July 1965 when the British Employers’ Confederation, the Federation of British Industries and the National Association of British Manufacturers joined together to form the Confederation of British Industry.

CSR and the CBI

The CBI is committed to conducting business in a responsible manner, supporting communities where we work and aligning our CSR priorities with pressing challenges. 

Even as a small, not-for-profit organisation we endeavour to play a positive part in our community...

By Volunteering

The CBI Employee volunteering policy allows all employees to volunteer with a charitable organisation of their choice for up to two days each year.

We believe volunteering strengthens links with the local community by sharing the knowledge, skills and time of our employees with many community organisations.

Supporting Charitable Causes

Greggs Breakfast Clubs

Across several regions we support Greggs Breakfast Clubs. By fundraising to provide a healthy and nutritious breakfast for children who would otherwise go to school on an empty tummy. Children are then well fed, happy and ready to learn, which increases their opportunity to thrive.

Irish News Critical Literacy Project

This project brings an invigorating selection of activities that offer a different way to challenge the knowledge and understanding of young readers while introducing them to the wonderful world of newspapers. Helping them understand the world around them and improve their literacy skills.  

Matthew Fell
Quote —

“As businesses grow, so does their opportunity to make a difference. Focusing on CSR makes good business sense.”

Matthew Fell, Chief UK Policy Director

Governance & Compliance

For further information on how the CBI is run, managed and how it secures its mandate to speak as the voice of business, please download the relevant PDF.

Annual Report & AGM

Every year the CBI publishes its Annual Report which contains more information on our governance arrangements, key highlights from the year’s activities and details on our financial information.

Every year our members are invited to attend our Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting is used to elect the CBI Auditors annually, elect or re-elect CBI Board members and the CBI President and vote on a wide variety of resolutions.

Gender & Ethnicity Pay Gap

The CBI is committed to being a diverse and inclusive organisation, attracting and retaining diverse talent which reflects the members and communities we serve. Our Gender and Ethnicity Pay Gap Reports show that, like many organisations, we have more work to do to ensure all roles in our business are diverse. We have identified a range of actions to further close the pay gap in the coming year, as part of our broader efforts to address diversity and inclusion.

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