Invest for growth: raising the UK's R&D spend

Invest for growth: raising the UK's R&D spend

UK investment in R&D has stagnated at 1.7% of GDP for over 30 years

The UK is a world leader in R&D and now is the time to play to our strengths. Investment in R&D helps raise business productivity, create high value jobs and solve national challenges. But persistent low investment is holding back innovation and hampering productivity. It’s time for change.

The change we're calling for

We’re calling on the government to create the right conditions for raising R&D investment to 3% of GDP. The UK needs definitive plans on how to achieve this target, alongside practical funding support from government.

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    Develop a roadmap for how the UK will reach the 3% target

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    Increase funding of collaborative R&D through Innovate UK and catapult centres

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    Continue participation in EU Research and Innovation programmes

Why it's needed

Electric flight, 3D printing, precision medicine, self-driving vehicles, the Internet of Things, quantum technologies. Game-changing innovations like these will shape the course of the next decade. Many will improve lives in the UK and across the globe.

And at an organisational level? Productive, innovative businesses increase their competitive advantage, are more likely to export goods and services, and are more likely to do so successfully.

However, R&D investment has stagnated at 1.7% for 30 years at a time when the rest of the word is speeding up. Our stalling performance prevents UK businesses from taking advantage of the growth and competitive opportunities that arise from innovation.

Quote —

"The UK has always been home to great ideas, but for too long they have been developed, commercialised and adopted elsewhere first. At this moment of technological disruption, it’s time for the UK to put its money where its brain is."

Felicity Burch, Director of Innovation and Digital, CBI

Industry impact

The innovation factor

When it comes to the benefits of R&D, the numbers are hard to argue with. Businesses that innovate are more likely to experience boosts in growth, productivity and turnover.

  • 63% of the UK’s annual labour productivity growth 2000-08 was due to innovation.

  • Companies launching new products grow turnover by 10% in the following three years, compared to 5.8% for non-innovating firms.

  • Firms awarded with research grants grow their turnover and employment up to 28% faster than firms which did not receive grants.

Our progress and wins

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Support the change

Take action today: there are many ways you can help drive positive change in R&D investment.

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    Share your innovation story to inspire a new wave of R&D investment

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    Work with local universities and catapult centres to improve your own approach to innovation

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    Discuss your ideas as part of the CBI's Innovation Council

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