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Are you interested in the CBI's International work and our presence overseas? Does your business export or want to grow globally?

The CBI aims to drive economic growth and resilience by supporting firms to navigate global risks, championing the importance of services trade to the UK economy and looks to boost the number of firms exporting. We do this by engaging with CBI members and the UK government to create the right policy environment to support UK firms.

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    Attend a political briefing

    Attend a virtual political briefing to hear first-hand intelligence, understand the challenges ahead and learn what other organisations are doing to prepare.

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    Discover our make the UK an exporting superpower campaigns

    It's time to increase international trade across the UK

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    Discover our shape the UK-EU trading relationship campaign

    Building a strong UK-EU relationship – the UK’s largest trading partner - will ensure the UK remains a serious competitor on the global stage.

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    Toolkit: Trading internationally and winning with fintech

    The CBI collaborated with Finastra, a global leader in advanced tech for capital markets, for the second toolkit in the Winning with Fintech drive.

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