Lead the way: shape our global future

Business must lead the charge in building back better

The challenges and opportunities of our time demand a new era of global collaboration that reverses the nationalist retreats of recent years. The UK must showcase its ambition and leadership on the world stage and it’s up to business to not only shape, but drive this position, with the support of government.

The change we're calling for

It’s time to tackle some of the biggest challenges of our age: climate change, inclusive growth in an era of rapid technological change, as well as ensuring sustainable and fair global trade. In collaboration, business and government must work to achieve meaningful progress on global issues that impact people, business and society alike.

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    Business must look globally for growth, working together to increase the number of UK firms that currently export

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    Business must help shape the international business environment by informing the UK policy agenda

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    Government must show leadership alongside business by reforming the international trade environment

Let's talk trade

The importance of shaping the global trade landscape

Global trade is fundamental to economic prosperity and inclusion. Protectionist barriers to free trade across the world have drastically risen over the last decade.

  • Global trade growth will remain below pre-pandemic levels over coming years, likely slowing to 4% growth by 2022

  • By 2017, more than 50% of exports from G20 countries were subject to harmful trade measures

  • UK businesses face 1,323 live trade barriers

The B7 Summit

The B7 event is a key enabling platform for the UK to define its place in the world. Discussions at this year’s B7 Summit, hosted by the CBI, focused on the future of global trade, public health, digital and climate change. Read our takeaways from the event to learn more about what was discussed and how this will inform the global business agenda.

  • Growing Business —

    B7 Summit: business solutions to global problems

  • Sustainability —

    B7 Summit: five key takeaways from the climate discussions at the B7

  • Growing Business —

    B7 Summit: five key takeaways from the digital discussions

  • Growing Business —

    B7 Summit: four key takeaways from the trade discussions

Our progress and impact

The CBI campaigns tirelessly on behalf of our members so that business creates prosperity for all. Learn more about the work we do and the impact we are making on this issue.

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Support the change

  • Join the CBI

    Our members are our mandate, and the reason we’re the most influential business organisation in the UK. Join the voice of business, and help us campaign to shape the UK’s global future and lead the way for a sustainable economic recovery.

  • Have your say

    Want to have your voice heard on shaping the UK’s global future? The CBI is looking for business leaders to share success stories of collaboration amongst global business to solve key policy issues such as barriers to trade, the race to net zero and the free flow of data.

  • Make a difference

    This campaign is led by the CBI’s International Trade team. Contact Hemi Bhatti, Principal Policy Advisor, to find out about the change UK business urgently needs and how you can support it.