CBI Wales responds to new localised restrictions in Cardiff, Swansea and Llanelli

Ian Price, CBI Wales Director, said the business knows that taking action now can help to maintain confidence and avoid further restrictions in the months ahead. He added:

“While the Chancellor has taken bold and decisive action to support jobs and companies’ cashflow across the UK, Welsh firms remain under extreme pressure. That’s why we need the UK and Welsh governments to work together and use whatever tools at their disposal to protect lives and livelihoods in the coming weeks and months.”

25 Sep 2020

Our response to the Chancellor's Winter Economic Plan

Dame Carolyn Fairbairn, CBI Director-General, said wage support, tax deferrals and help for the self-employed will reduce the scarring effect of unnecessary job losses as the UK tackles the virus. She added that further business rates relief should remain on the table.

“The Chancellor has listened to evidence from business and unions, acting decisively. It is this spirit of agility and collaboration that will help make 2021 a year of growth and renewal.”

24 Sep 2020

Innovative public-private partnerships key to bolstering recovery

Matthew Fell, CBI Chief UK Policy Director, highlighted that firms of all sizes have stepped up as part of the national effort in the fight against COVID-19. He noted:

“During this period we have seen agile, innovative approaches to public-private partnerships deliver enormous benefit. As we seek to build back better from the pandemic, this must become the new normal."

23 Sep 2020

CBI responds to Labour Leader conference speech

Dame Carolyn Fairbairn, CBI Director-General, noted the Labour Leader was right to prioritise investment in education and skills.

“The past six months have shown what is possible with brilliant collaboration between the public and private sectors, and firms will be looking for Labour to set out how it will work with business on these shared challenges in the months ahead.”

22 Sep 2020

CBI responds to Shadow Chancellor speech

Rain Newton-Smith, CBI Chief Economist, noted Labour clearly recognise the unrelenting pressure firms are facing. She added:

“All parties agree that saving good jobs today is far better than picking up the pieces tomorrow. That needs bold action as the UK heads into a challenging autumn.”

21 Sep 2020

CBI comments on latest Covid restrictions in North West, Midlands and Yorkshire

Matthew Fell, CBI UK Chief Policy Director, said taking action now can help to maintain confidence and avoid further restrictions on businesses and households in the months ahead. He added:

“With the number of new local restrictions on the rise, the Government will need to take an urgent look at the business support packages for the autumn, including a successor to the furlough scheme.”

18 Sep 2020

CBI Scotland responds to latest Scottish GDP figures

Tracy Black, CBI Scotland Director, stressed that getting a Brexit deal and building a successor to the hugely successful Job Retention Scheme are key to securing recovery in the near-term.

“If we are serious about doing everything in our power to protect firms, jobs and living standards, we need the UK and Scottish governments working together with real agility to further protect both lives and livelihoods. The coming weeks and months will be critical to our success.”

16 Sep 2020

CBI responds to latest labour market statistics

Matthew Percival, CBI Director of People and Skills, said while the easing of lockdown restrictions and a more flexible Job Retention Scheme in July led to the beginning of a recovery in vacancies and hours worked, warning signs of what is to come remain.

“Looking ahead, a successor to the Job Retention Scheme is needed to protect jobs and businesses.”

15 Sep 2020

Fast and bold climate action can be catalyst for global recovery - Director-General

Dame Carolyn Fairbairn, CBI Director-General, noted that while it may feel like a time of fiercely competing goals - the biggest health crisis in living memory and climate change - they are not separate.

“The response to one affects success on the other. And the defining question is, how does the UK use this moment to rebuild our economy and the greener and stronger world we want to return to.”

14 Sep 2020

Technology creation 'must reflect our diverse society if its to serve us all'

CBI President, Lord Karan Bilimoria, highlighted the importance of diversity in the technology sector if it is to serve the whole of society.

"As the first BAME President of the CBI, the first Zoroastrian Parsi in the House of Lords, and as a young man of Indian background co-Founding Cobra beer in the 1980s London, I am passionate about sharing my experiences and supporting ethnic diversity through my role as CBI President."

11 Sep 2020

CBI comments on new direct business grants

Annie Gascoyne, CBI Director of Economic Policy, noted new direct cash grants would help small businesses in areas under new restrictions to protect public health.

“But the impact of COVID-19 is still hurting businesses, so the Government will need to look at more targeted support in the autumn. That needs to include a successor to the furlough scheme and allowing businesses to defer VAT payments from July to September."

09 Sep 2020

CBI responds to the UK Government's National Data Strategy

Felicity Burch, CBI Director of Digital and Innovation, highlighted data underpins the modern economy and is essential to businesses in every sector.

“We welcome the National Data Strategy as a vital step for the UK be at the forefront of the data revolution. Lessons learnt in the coronavirus crisis must power our economic recovery – crucially, unleashing the power of data in a way that commands trust and empowers people."

09 Sep 2020

CBI response to latest quarantine plans for England

Matthew Fell, CBI Chief UK Policy Director, said:

“The move to regional travel corridors is a positive step towards what must be a more targeted approach. Industry and government must continue to work together on vital next steps, such as the introduction of testing at airports as a genuine alternative to lengthy quarantine periods.”

07 Sep 2020

Private sector can help deliver UK's infrastructure revolution

Matthew Fell, Chief UK Policy Director at the CBI, said:

"The government must commit to an approach that gives confidence to investors and capitalises on the attributes of businesses and public sector establishing itself once again as a world class destination for investment.”

07 Sep 2020

CBI Scotland responds to the Programme for Government

Responding to the First Minister's Programme for Government announcement, Tracy Black, CBI Scotland Director, said that business shares many of the broad priorities identified.

“Ultimately, Scotland’s economic recovery depends on the Scottish and UK governments pulling in the same direction and working with business to focus on jobs, skills and opportunities for young people. There isn’t a moment to lose."

01 Sep 2020

Private sector activity declines at a slower pace

Alpesh Paleja, CBI Lead Economist, said activity remains well below “normal” levels, and noted recent CBI surveys have revealed heavy job cuts across the economy.

“Clearly, we aren’t out of the woods yet. The next few months mark a crunch point for businesses, with cash flow issues biting, the risk of a second wave and uncertainty over the outcome of Brexit negotiations. A bold plan is needed for all of these issues, in order to establish a sustainable economic recovery.”

30 Aug 2020

Sharp fall in retail employment - with worse likely to follow

Alpesh Paleja, CBI Lead Economist, noted that trading conditions for the retail sector remain tough, even against the backdrop of business slowly returning.

“As a result, further support may well be needed for the retail sector if demand continues to disappoint. Extending business rates relief will go a long way towards alleviating pressure on retailers’ cash flow.”

25 Aug 2020

Manufacturing downturn eases after survey-record dip - CBI

Anna Leach, CBI Deputy Chief Economist, noted August was another difficult month for manufacturers, highlighting:

“As we head into the autumn months, a coherent plan to ensure the manufacturing sector is resilient to a potential second wave and to the challenge of adapting to a new trading relationship with the EU is vital.”

21 Aug 2020

CBI Wales responds to announcement to level-up Welsh railways

Ian Price, CBI Wales Director, said the announcement of greater funding to level-up Welsh railways will be welcomed by firms and commuters across the country. He added:

“While these steps are obviously welcome, we still remain some way short of delivering the modern, low-carbon transport network that Wales needs. Full electrification of railways and investment in electric vehicles sit alongside rollout of full fibre broadband as central priorities to improve connectivity.”

21 Aug 2020

On widespread testing and economic recovery

Lord Karan Bilimoria, CBI President, has highlighted how and why widespread COVID-19 testing has a critical role to play in helping the UK economy recover more quickly. He added:

“The UK government has worked relentlessly to increase testing capacity, compiling a top team working with business, universities and medical experts to amplify its endeavours. From a business perspective, there are so many ways that widespread and rapid testing can help to accelerate the economic recovery and avoid a second wave.”

17 Aug 2020

CBI responds to the latest U.S tariff decisions on British goods

Jonathan Brenton, CBI Head of Trade, noted firms across the country will be relieved with the decision to not increase tariffs. He added:

"The existing tariffs continue to have damaging effects across industries unrelated to the aircraft industry." “We urge the U.S. government to reconsider these actions and reconvene with the European Commission to resolve existing trade barriers as soon as possible.”

13 Aug 2020

Response to latest GDP figures

Alpesh Paleja, CBI Lead Economist, highlighted that the latest data confirms the economic pummelling from the essential public health measures put in place to contain Covid-19. He added:

“The dual threats of a second wave and slow progress over Brexit negotiations are particularly concerning, underlining the need for maximum agility from Government on both these issues, allowing a greater focus on the economy's long-term future.”

12 Aug 2020

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