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A decarbonised economy

Winning the global race to net-zero

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Why it matters

To avoid catastrophic worldwide impacts, we must limit the rise in global temperatures. Net-zero isn’t just morally and socially important: there are major opportunities for all UK businesses, from growing customer demand, lowering costs, new export markets and job creation. Only business - in collaboration with government - can provide the scope of innovation and investment needed to achieve net-zero.


What can business and society gain from a net-zero world?

Seize export opportunities in green products and services

The UK can be a leading net-zero exporter in fast-growing global markets; for example capturing £18bn in additional revenues from higher exports to the EU of electric vehicles and vehicle batteries.

240,000 net new green jobs

Create 240,000 net new green jobs by 2030 across all parts of the UK and support a ‘just transition’ to the low carbon economy.

Be part of something bigger

Join other organisations in the Race to Zero and demonstrate your commitment.