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A healthier nation

With health the foundation of wellbeing and economic growth

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Why it matters

Health is the biggest driver of a person’s life satisfaction: explaining 48% of life-satisfaction differences between individuals of the same age. And poor health is expensive: 63% of years lost to poor health are in the working age population. This costs the UK around £300bn in lost output annually, excluding health costs. The UK can drive economic success through the fast-growing life sciences and health sectors, with the global market in pharmaceuticals and medtech worth £1.2tn in 2020 alone.


What can business and society gain from a healthier nation?

Improved societal health and economic prosperity

We must strengthen focus on business-led health interventions as an essential tool to boost health and prosperity.

Innovative and cost-effective health products

By increasing R&D investment in innovation and clinical trials, hitting 2.4% of GDP target by 2027, we can bring the most innovative and cost-effective health products to UK markets.

Build on existing UK strengths

Target gaining market share in emerging areas such as genomics – where a UK competitive strength already exists.